The multi-function printers (aka copiers or MFPs) at Owens Community College have the ability to allow you to work on a document at your workstation, send it to print, and then only release it after you've gone to the device and entered a code. Most popular office apps (Word, Excel, etc) allow you to access this feature.

To use secured print do the following: 

  1. Open the document you wish to print.
  2. Select File then Print.
  3. Select Properties/Printing Preferences/Printer Options (this term will vary between apps and programs).
  4. Find Output Method.

    Select Output Method

  5. Select Secured Print.
  6. If this is your first time using Secure Print, click Yes to set the user information. If not, click No.

    Set the User Information

    1. If yes, enter a PIN number and click and press OK to confirm choice.
  7. Select OK to print.
  8. Go to the MFP. Select Print Job from the Main Menu. On ImageRunner Advance models choose Secured Print.
  9. Select the secured print job from the queue.
  10. Press Secured Print
  11. Enter the password/PIN you selected.
  12. Press OK.
  13. Document will print.