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Can an early alert be submitted only if a student is doing poorly or struggling in a class?

No.  An early alert can be used to provide any type of feedback to a student on his/her performance in a class. 

Early alert includes a kudos function to support positive feedback for our students who are doing well in a course rather than just feedback to those students who are struggling.  Faculty have the option to send students “Kudos” to provide positive feedback to students who are passing courses when the Early Alert is generated.

A Kudos email is generated by selecting an estimated grade of “A”; “B”, or “C”. The Kudos letter for estimated grade of “A” generates an email to the student indicating that their performance to date is outstanding. Selecting an estimated grade of “B” generates an email using language that a student is above average. Selecting an estimated grade of “C” generates an email indicating a student’s performance is satisfactory.

To keep this enhancement simple and allow faculty to just select a grade for positive feedback, the “kudos” letters are generated only if a grade to date of A, B or C is selected, no comments are entered, nor options checked.


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