1. Log into Ozone.
  2. Click Menu
    in the upper left corner, then select Discover.
    Click the Discover More button at the bottom of your dashboard.
  3. Search for Owens Alerts.
  4. The Personal Information card should display in the results.
  5. Click Manage Owens Alerts link on the card.
  6. To sign up for Owens Alerts, check the boxes next to the alerts you would like to receive.
  7. Check to make sure the phone numbers listed are up to date and pick one to be your preferred line for Owens to contact you on.
  8. Make sure you have a cell phone listed under Text Messaging (SMS) Phone, if you want to receive text messages.
  9. If you would like Owens to send alerts to your e-mail address, enter it in the E-mail Address field. You can also enter an additional e-mail address in the Alternate E-mail address field.
  10. Click Save Changes.

Please use the Owens Alert Management web page to make any updates.

Student records will not be updated with this information, so if you would like to update your official College records, please contact Student Financial Services at (567) 661-2387 or 1-800-GO-OWENS, Ext 2387, or email us at studentfinancial@owens.edu.

Owens Community College assumes no responsibility for delivery charges associated with receiving subscribed notifications.