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How do I view the class schedule search?

You can view the class schedule two ways.  

Through Ozone:

  1. Log into Ozone.
  2. Click the Main Menu icon (the three horizonal lines) in the upper left corner, then select Discover.
    Click Discover More button at the bottom of your dashboard.
  3. Search for registration.
  4. The Registration card should display in the results.
  5. Click Add/Drop Classes.
  6. Click on the drop-down menu next to Select a Term:, select the semester.
  7. Click Submit
  8. Click the Class Search button toward the bottom of the page.

If you would like to add this card to your dashboard, click the white ribbon icon in the upper right corner of the card.
Note: If the card has the dark ribbon icon showing, it is already displaying on your dashboard.

From the Owens website:

  1. Go to
  2. Mouse over Academics.
  3. Click on Class Schedule Search.


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