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What courses should I take?

You should plan your course work carefully with your high school counselor. As a CCP student, you can pursue coursework that will fulfill high school graduation requirements and/or electives that will enrich your educational experience and/or satisfy a special interest. 

In addition, you may want to select courses that will further your educational and career objectives. It is not unusual for high school students to change or be unsettled in their educational or career objectives. Because of this, there is wisdom in taking a variety of classes that will meet the general education requirements at most colleges or universities.  Owens also offers a wide variety of courses for those students interested in vocational programs. 

There are restrictions on the courses a CCP student can take.  Those courses which can be taken in the first 15 hours are Level I.  Those courses that can only be taken beyond the 15 credit hours are Level II.  Some courses are not allowable for CCP students. 

For more details about the Level I and Level II courses as well as the non-allowable CCP courses, please visit 

For a list of the Level I CCP courses at Owens, please visit


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