1. Log into Ozone.
  2. Click Menuin the upper left corner, then select Discover.
    Click  at the bottom of your dashboard.
  3. Search for Password Information.
  4. The Password Information card should display in the results.
  5. Click Set My Security Questions.
  6. Click Clear Answers.
  7. Click OK to confirm you want to clear your answers.
  8. Fill in ALL of the response fields (the words show up as black dots). Make sure the responses are something easily remembered and that everything is spelled correctly.
  9. Click Save Answers
  10. Click Continue. You are then brought back to Ozone.

If you would like to add this card to your dashboard, click the Addicon in the upper right corner of the card.
Note: If the card has the Removeicon showing, it is already displaying on your dashboard.