1. Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, log into Ozone.
  2. Click Menu
    in the upper left corner, then select Discover.
    Click Discover More button at the bottom of your dashboard.
  3. Search for Intranet.
  4. The Quick Links card should display in the results.
  5. Click Intranet, you may need to scroll down.
  6. Click Information Technology Services on the left sidebar menu.
  7. Under Systems & Services, click on Banner, Course Evaluations, Access Store, Project Request, etc.
  8. Click Banner Resources & Documentation.
  9. Click PROD under Application Resources and Documentation.

If you would like to add this card to your dashboard, click the Add

icon in the upper right corner of the card.
Note: If the card has the Remove
icon showing, it is already displaying on your dashboard.