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How do I connect to the Student Remote Lab?

  1. In your web browser, go to
  2. Log in with your standard Owens credentials.
  3. Click on the pool name that is presented to you. If you happen to be in classes where there are multiple pools listed, select the correct one for the specific software you are needing to use.

  4. The next screen shows a computer reserved for you. Click Connect To Remote Lab.

  5. A .rdp file will be prompted for download. This may look different based on the internet browser that you are using.  Either select to Open File or Save File, then run it. 

  6. Click the Connect button, to confirm you want to connect to the remote computer, 

  7. Authenticate with your standard Owens credentials when prompted for your remote session.
  8. You should now be presented with the desktop of a lab computer to use as you normally would on campus.
  9. When you are done, click on the start menu, then on the person icon and select sign out. 


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