Add a New Contact:

  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Select File > New > Contact.
  3. Type the name of the contact in the search bar and double click the full name when it appears in the results.
  4. In the Add to: drop down menu:
    Select the group you would like the person to be added to.
    To add a group:
    1. Click New Group.
    2. Enter the group name.
    3. Click Create.
  5. Click Add.

Create a New Contact Group:

  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Select File > New > Group.
  3. Click New Group.
  4. Enter the group name.
  5. Click Create.

Move a Contact into a Group:

  1. Click the Contact  icon in the Jabber hub.
  2. Right click the contact name.
  3. Click Copy to group to keep it in the current location and add it to a new group.
    Select Move to group to remove it from current location and move it to the new group.
  4. Select the group to move it to.

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