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What can I do to reduce the number of pages I print?

  • There are several steps that you can take to reduce your need to print. You may want to consider the following:
  • Keep electronic copies. "Print" documents to a PDF file instead of printing to paper or copy information to a Word document. Save research articles to a Flash drive or email them to yourself.
  • Use the Print preview option to decide which pages you need before printing. Watch for blank pages at the end of a document which are not needed.
  • On websites, use the printer-friendly option if it is provided.
  • When printing PowerPoint slides, print 6 or 9 slides to a page. Print in grayscale. If there is a dark background, it will automatically change to light when you select grayscale rather than color or black and white. Ask the lab assistants for instructions if you need help doing this. View slides electronically instead of printing them when possible.
  • For assignments, do your proofreading on the computer screen instead of on paper. If you think you must have it as a hard copy, only print the final draft.
  • See what formats your instructors will accept for your assignments. Some may want a printed copy while others will accept an electronic copy on Blackboard, so printing may not be necessary.


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