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What is the IT System Status page?

In the past, Owens has experienced IT outages that have left the college servers inaccessible. During these outages, we did not have a way to communicate these issues to our users. Because of this, we setup a remote site to host our emergency status updates.

With the page, we are also able to broadcast outages over Twitter. To receive these Twitter updates, click on the Subscribe to Updates button near the top of the page. Then click the Follow @owens_status button.

Several Owens applications and functions are listed on this page, including Banner, Blackboard, Campus WiFi, Ozone, Google Apps and more. The operational status for each of these is displayed, going back 90 days. A green tick means that there were no reported issues, a yellow tick means a partial outage, and a red tick means a major outage.

Below this, the page lists IT scheduled maintenance and provides more detail on past outages. These are listed in chronological order, making it easy for students, faculty, and staff to view. Days where there were no outages or scheduled maintenance will be listed with No incidents reported.

To view more than the current and recent status, click on View historical uptime near the top of the page or on Incident history at the bottom. This will let you view information as far back as July 2021.

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