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Where should I go to have my Unemployment Verification form completed, confirming I have been attending all scheduled classes and that I am making satisfactory progress?

Students in need of a letter of support to verify information requested on an Unemployment Verification form, should follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Log into Omail (your Owens student email) and send a message to each of your course instructors asking them to confirm that you have been attending and making satisfactory progress in the class.  Please note in your email that the state requires this information for its unemployment verification process.
  2. Once you receive confirmation from all instructors, please contact your Student Financial Services Advisor and request the letter.  Please mark your request email with the subject “Unemployment verification request.”  Along with your request, please send your advisor all of your instructor confirmations – your advisor cannot provide the letter if you are missing any individual instructor verification.
  3. Your Student Financial Services Advisor will review your request and documentation.  If the request and instructor verifications are complete, your Advisor will email you a copy of the letter, and you will provide that letter to your JFS contact. That letter will serve as the School Representative signature for the Unemployment Verification Form.


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