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Why is my email going directly to the deleted items folder in Outlook?


When you are utilizing the Ignore feature in Outlook, messages are automatically moved to the Deleted Items folder.


This problem occurs when you select Ignore on an email message and then a later message from that thread comes into your mailbox. Outlook deletes the email and it also keeps track of all future email related to the ignored message. If a future message related to the originally ignored message arrives in your Inbox, Outlook automatically moves these future messages to your Deleted Items folder.

Note: You can tell that a message is being ignored by the status of the Ignore control on the ribbon. If the Ignore control is highlighted, as shown in the following figure, the conversation thread on that message is currently being ignored by Outlook.


To resolve this problem, remove the "ignore" status of the email thread using the following steps:

  1. Select your Deleted Items folder.
  2. Select the message that is currently set to be ignored by Outlook.
  3. Click Ignore on the Delete group on the Home tab of the ribbon.

  4. If prompted, click Stop Ignoring Conversation. At this point, the message is automatically moved from your Deleted Items folder to the folder from which the message originated, and future messages for this thread will not be automatically deleted.


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